Industry leaders share strategies to grow into a highly profitable and sustainable business

“Are you looking to transform your life and business to become more nature-centered?

Are you ready to create spaces that give a sense of well-being to both your clients and yourself AND feel more confident in running your business knowing that it is making money?

Join me in my conversations with my guests on how to create a prosperous nature-centered practice. We will be discussing topics such as sustainability, biophilic design, regenerative design, inclusion, esg, financial mindset, confidence, networking and so much more so that you can walk away with your personal roadmap to hop on a fantastic Biophilic Journey. Register now for free access.”

– Agnes Odile Smith

Meet Your Speakers
Colleen Biggs
Getting out and finding your tribe
Elizabeth Calabrese
Framework for holistic biophilic design
Itai Palti
Neuroscience and the relationship of identity of place
James Farrell
Finding time for nature wherever you are
LuAnn Nigara
Is nature in design a transitional trend?
Joanna Watchman
Are you asking the right questions?
Julie Brown
The importance of networking
Sara Schulting
The recharging power of nature
Tierra Womack
Finding alignment with your purpose
Ginna Christensen
Leaning on holistic values and avoiding burnout
Richard MacCowan
BioMimickry and what we can learn from nature
Michele Williams
Why it is important to pay yourself first
Gemma Jerome
Building with nature in mind
Martin Brown
Regenerative Design
Nayoka Simone
Reconnecting to your origins and owning your beliefs
joyce marter
The financial mindset fix.. And how it fixes everything

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